Company Polbart was established in 2001 and specializes in hardwood trade of European origin. We offer and buy, among other things:

  • deciduous and coniferous lumber, fresh and dry, edged and unedged of FSC
  • semi-finished products for furniture and parquet floors like strips, slats, elements
  • fresh impregnated railway sleepers
  • wood elements for pallets and packaging
  • ready-made wooden transport pallets EPAL certified disposable and
  • pellets for industrial purposes

We specialize in the supply and wholesale purchases for manufacturing purposes. We cooperate with many serious, well-known suppliers and customers in Poland and the world. In many cases, we help find the goods too Polish producers acting as brokers in exchange for the agreed agency commissions. We are VAT payers


  • 2022-02-10

    Firma Polbart poszukuje producentów świeżych lub suchych 8-10% elementów dębowych  4-stronnie bez...

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